17 years ago today, the United States was attacked through the skies as several terrorist-highjacked airplanes struck buildings in New York City and Washington D.C. and attempted to do so in Pennsylvania. 2,977 victims in all perished in the day’s attacks. Those are the basics of a moment in our history that echoes more loudly than a tidy list of bullet points, and resonates with still-vivid and visceral force. Everyone has their 9/11 story. Some were near Ground […]

A Reflection on #NeverForget

I see you over there, and I can smell your mid-afternoon complacency from here. There you are, seated idly behind your office’s standard-issue Lenovo ThinkPad thinking to yourself “I wish David Berry would write a blog about what he’s been up to/thinks about the Nike protests, and wouldn’t it be nice if he gave me a solid 5 minutes away from refreshing my Instagram feed.” Well, as a self-proclaimed man of the people, an influencer of culture and a […]

A Free, 5 Minute Vacation in My Brain

It’s February 1991. Nana’s house isn’t on my list of favorite places to go, and nearly every justification I have for the sentiment is rooted in the pungency of cigarette smoke. It permeates every room here, like paint on the walls. Thankfully, we don’t go to Nana’s often, even though it’s just a mile away from our house, but we’re here today, on McCall Road. My dad knocks on the weary white door at the […]

The Stink of Smoke

  The hands of a clock indicate that my mornings tend toward the early side. But I’m not one of those cheery ambassadors who raves about it, like vegans, for instance. It’s either an early rise, or the forced obsolescence of my workout routine. And since I’m short and bald, I have long forbade myself from also being out of shape. So when 5:15 a.m. is introduced by the sounds of chirping birds from my […]

Expensive Nights in Cheap Heels

It has been exactly 800 days since I started DB + Partners. I know this because I Googled ‘how long has it been calculators’ and punched in the appropriate numbers. April 18 to now. No, today isn’t some major milestone. It’s an unintended irony, manifesting itself in a round number. But I did reach a milestone last week with the start of my first full-time hire, which to me is a big effing deal. Horrifying too, because if […]

Oh Yeah, Success #Hustle #Grind

Dear God – It’s me, David. I’ve been working on a new book lately and, well, a lot of it is about sex. Not like a smutty romance novel, but sex as a theme. I wanted to give you a heads up, but you’re God, so you probably knew that. I’m writing to you tonight because a lot of what I’m writing is putting me in a position to dust your book off my shelf […]

Dear God

By David Berry: I don’t understand America in 2018. The  president of our great land throws his spray-tanned side of beef into a porn star for $130K of hush money, and half the country is like ‘meh.’ But then you’ve got a court session where a dad who attacks Larry Nassar – the guy with a now-confirmed 265 sexual assault victims/accusers – and what do we do? Pin him down and arrest him. “Well, you can’t just whoop a guy’s ass in […]

Let That Dad Kick Larry Nassar’s Ass and Put it ...

By David Berry: If you’re a fan of some wordplay, you’ll love today’s – I mean, toDave’s – post. It’s packed with some hot news, or rather, my interpretation of the news. It’s a new thing I’m trying for 2018, much in the way today’s college kids experiment with underage drinking and having a good ole’ fashioned knee slapper with the neo-Nazis. Sex Robots. Let’s dive right in. I don’t know where you fall on a scale of 1-to-Jeffrey Dahmer in […]

ToDave in News

By David Berry: If you’re on the other side of your laptop with an attitude like mine, scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed saying “let these assholes eat their Tide Pods so natural selection can finish its job,” then you’re going to find a few treats in this post. I’m not pissed off, but I’ve got a lot on my mind. Let’s call it a surplus of off-beat opinions that don’t have an outlet in my professional life or when […]

Things That Are Already on My Nerves in 2018

By David Berry: (Note: This is a small part of a bigger project you’ll see coming soon. So, eat your heart out) After sixth grade, I didn’t have a girlfriend again until I was a sophomore. But once I found her, I felt like the baddest mother fucker in the school (okay, that’s not something I would’ve said then, but in hindsight, re-assuming my naïve teenage arrogance, that’s probably how I felt). Her name was […]

My First Kiss