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If you knew me during my fraternity hay-day, you would know that I made it to the final round of Alpha Xi Delta’s Xi Man competition in 2006 due in large part to my “talent” for the evening. I rediscovered the original manuscript for it while I was cleaning out some old boxes in my closet last weekend. The dilemma I faced is that the only thing I was good at was writing. I didn’t want to write […]

50 Cent’s In Da Club – In White English

Since the 1st one got so much feedback, I think I may have finally found something that will get you thinking and talking. That’s why I’m adding a 2nd part to it. Most of the response was positive; cool. However, if it was really just as simple as saying what you’re looking for, then I’d have been in a relationship a long time ago, just as many of you probably would, too. One thing that […]

My Open Letter to Girls +

I’ve been single for a year. No big deal, really; I know a lot of people have been single for that long or even longer. But since my efforts have led me back to square one every single time, I’ve decided to write an open letter that lists my criteria for a potential girlfriend. This way, if I meet a girl, I don’t have to waste several months paying for her meals and gifts just […]

My Open Letter to Girls

*This post is NOT an endorsement for any political party or candidate.*  This past weekend, I took part in a small, mixed gathering of Barack Obama supporters for the “Countdown to Change.” The event was coordinated to familiarize people with Senator Obama’s campaign platform and to inspire individuals who are loosely convinced of the idea that they can actually make a difference. Beyond this line, I won’t mention Obama or my affiliation to any ideology or school […]

Politically Charged

The ‘Quarter- life crisis.” Abby Wilner coined the phrase in 1997 and expanded upon it in the book she co-authored with Alexandra Robbins in 2001, “Quarter-life Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in your Twenties.” As a preface, I’m sure mid-level professionals will have a hard time sympathizing with a group of Generation Y-ers that they feel has had everything served to them on a silver spoon since they were coating their gums with Gerber’s […]

22 going on 45