Monthly Archives: October 2007

Since the 1st one got so much feedback, I think I may have finally found something that will get you thinking and talking. That’s why I’m adding a 2nd part to it. Most of the response was positive; cool. However, if it was really just as simple as saying what you’re looking for, then I’d have been in a relationship a long time ago, just as many of you probably would, too. One thing that […]

My Open Letter to Girls +

I’ve been single for a year. No big deal, really; I know a lot of people have been single for that long or even longer. But since my efforts have led me back to square one every single time, I’ve decided to write an open letter that lists my criteria for a potential girlfriend. This way, if I meet a girl, I don’t have to waste several months paying for her meals and gifts just […]

My Open Letter to Girls