Yearly Archives: 2008

It’s been cloudy and rainy (and even cold!) in Miami for a few days now, which of course lends itself to introspective moments and contemplations about life and thoughts of “the bigger picture.” I’ve become increasingly aware of the rapid pace at which things change in your mid-twenties and how, if you don’t dictate a path for yourself and get married to a positive state of mind, life will bog you down with monotony, snack chips and booze. As […]

Life: How’d We Get Here?

This past weekend, I went to Puerto Rico with an Egyptian and a sex therapist, along with the legendary Dean Winthrop, a descendent of the royal family in Germany, and a Nicaraguan (all true).  And it was the best trip of my life.  I let go of every inhibition for roughly four days, partied, visited historical sites and met people from all over the world. You know that feeling, when you’re seeing the world with virgin eyes, or you’re […]

What Life Is

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little skeptical about everyone just racing their asses off to “Go Green.” Let’s just slowwwww the fuck down for a second.  Usually, when someone plans on starting a big movement or revolution, they plan shit out.  This is our cause, this is what we’ve gotta do, this is a timeline for it, this is who we need to help, etc.   But it’s like I woke up one […]

The Green Scare

When I first graduated college, I wrote a blog called the Quarter-life Crisis.  Basically, it was all about the insecurities and fears of recent-grads who are afraid of becoming a godless and gutless corporate zombie just like everyone else. In writing it, I thought I was acknowledging that I wouldn’t allow myself to fall victim to the corporate monster or choose a career path that placed me in a luke warm 9-5 just to earn […]

Quarter-Life Crisis: Round 2

You have to understand the dynamics of my relationship with my father to understand how important the sport of basketball has been in my life.  In simple terms, I had always been a mommy’s boy.  By nature, she and I have always been a lot more alike: talkative, people-oriented and sometimes emotional. My father and I, on the other hand, never really connected in the same way.  That’s not to say my relationship with him […]

Part III: Basketball Diaries