What Life Is

This past weekend, I went to Puerto Rico with an Egyptian and a sex therapist, along with the legendary Dean Winthrop, a descendent of the royal family in Germany, and a Nicaraguan (all true).  And it was the best trip of my life.  I let go of every inhibition for roughly four days, partied, visited historical sites and met people from all over the world.

You know that feeling, when you’re seeing the world with virgin eyes, or you’re caught up in one of those moments where you feel like the world is at your feet and life is just perfect?  That’s how I felt on this trip.

But of course, reality is reality – I’m back in Miami now, and I know it’s impossible to live every day of my life like I’m on vacation, although I’ve been doing a good job pretending as of late. 

But being on this trip made me realize the importance of not thinking too far ahead and getting wrapped up in the details of tomorrow.  For four days, all I worried about was how much fun I could possibly pack into one day.  I saw people on that trip that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in years  just because they were on the same island as me, and it made me wonder – why don’t people live that way on a day-to-day basis?

When you’re on vacation, there’s no excuse not to live it up – you’re only here for a few days so you better party your ass off.  So why do we only half-ass the other 350 days a year that we’re not on vacation? And why do we take friendships for granted by tabling hangout plans for a few days, weeks…or never at all?

I’ve been thinking about all of those times where I just felt too tired to hangout with so-and-so, or thought way too hard about how my checking account would be affected because of a costly vacation.  And then I thought – who the hell cares?  If I had skipped out on this trip, like my gut normally would’ve told me to, all I’d have gained is three good days of sleep and some clean laundry.

I know everyone has excuses and reasons not to.

Just shut the hell up.  Grab life’s balls with one hand, and grab a beer with the other.  And in the words of the Great Thomas Ricci – “Just live the dream, brother.”

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