Monthly Archives: March 2012

Small boobs. Weird laugh. Nervous twitch. Poor style sense. You name it, someone’s dealt with it – or still is. And regardless of what your insecurities are, I’ll guarantee you have a few. We all do. But does knowing that we all have insecurities make a difference? Nope. We let them overpower us anyway. Naturally, I bring this up now because I’m facing some powerful insecurities of my own at the moment; most of which […]


Let’s face it. Girls complain about the poor selection of quality guys all the time. “Oh, he’s a jerk” or “I don’t know, he doesn’t ‘do it’ for me.” And frankly, I almost always have zero sympathy for them. I know there are plenty of ‘good guys’ out there who they aren’t paying any mind to, but they’re too self-absorbed or delusional to locate them. But then something like this comes along. Something that makes […]

Why Girls Are Jaded

Whether it’s because you’re in love, in search of it or jaded by it, yesterday’s blog clearly resonated with many of you. And thus, I’ve got a Part 2. And a theory: We truly believe in commitment, but we resent the overblown divorce rate of our parents’ generation – and we’re clueless about how to break the pattern. As a result, we’re creating the opposite problem – we’re not committing at all. It’s a low […]

100% – Part 2

I have my reasons for posting this today and if it strikes a chord with you, I’m sure you’ll have your reasons, too. This is my thought for today. Give 100%. In love. In work. In friendships. In family. In ambition. All the time. Why? Because the alternative is a life with regrets. Maybe you love drawing and you think you’ve got the chops to go somewhere with it. You know what? You can. But […]