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I have my reasons for posting this today and if it strikes a chord with you, I’m sure you’ll have your reasons, too. This is my thought for today. Give 100%. In love. In work. In friendships. In family. In ambition. All the time. Why? Because the alternative is a life with regrets.

Maybe you love drawing and you think you’ve got the chops to go somewhere with it. You know what? You can. But if you give a half-hearted effort, it flat out won’t happen. Overnight stars and ‘discoveries’ aren’t one-time occurrences. They’re the product of relentless, passion-filled hard work and a refusal to accept failure. Their ‘discovery’ is a product of a 100% mentality and work ethic. Getting noticed, seen or heard is just a milestone. There’s nothing sexy about hard, tireless work. But the rewards? That’s why you endure everything else.

Love. You’d think that with roughly 7 billion men and women on the planet that there are indeed ‘plenty of fish in the sea.’ And if ‘plenty of fish’ is your greatest ambition, then congratulations. You’ll have plenty. But guess what? If you’re thirsty to satisfy your eyes and your body, it’s a thirst you’ll never quench. You’ll find one, then another, then another. The ‘chase’ and the allure of being desired are as powerful as drug addiction. It’s the opium of our generation; the notion that we’re entitled to the best of everything; that relationships should work on autopilot and fall into place with or without our effort. And if it doesn’t work out, then at the expense of our own sense of responsibility – and self-worth – we move on to ‘the next one.’ Again and again.

Well, there’s a reason that more couples who get married will end up divorced than together. They don’t give 100% but they expect 100%. It flat out doesn’t work that way. And the notion that giving up and moving on to someone new doesn’t ever adequately consider what will happen when the road gets bumpy again with someone else. It’s never smooth sailing from beginning to end. And that’s why commitment is exceedingly rare yet incredibly beautiful. To look at another person, through miserable circumstances, self-doubt and everything in between and say ‘I’m always with you.’ We’re notorious for overstating our own resolve and emotional strength, never giving credit to the people in our lives who allowed it to be possible. And we wonder why being single carries temporary fun, but never long-term satisfaction. We were meant for each other.

The joy that you gain from loving someone with all of yourself will never touch the beauty of anything else you can attain on earth. But it takes 100%. If not, then you’re left with the difference.

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2 thoughts on “100%

  • Jaime Yordan-Frau

    My dear friend,

    This is an amazing blog!!!

    The topic is so relevant, the eloquence with which the message is shared is so beautiful and the sentiment behind the words is so deep, strong and powerful… it hits you hard as you read, finding myself re-reading certain sections to make sure I captured every ounce that was shared.

    Great piece that hits you right in the chest as if it were a huge wave. Words can convey how amazing I think this piece is. I was looking for a share button to either Facebook or Twitter, kind of sad there isn’t one but can also respect that there isn’t.

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

    Your friend,


  • Ileana Borroto

    Wow….love every single word, more importantly the passion and truth behind the words. Absolutely with you David…in life there is only one way to truly live, that is by giving 100% of yourself in everything you love!!