Why Girls Are Jaded 2

Let’s face it. Girls complain about the poor selection of quality guys all the time. “Oh, he’s a jerk” or “I don’t know, he doesn’t ‘do it’ for me.” And frankly, I almost always have zero sympathy for them. I know there are plenty of ‘good guys’ out there who they aren’t paying any mind to, but they’re too self-absorbed or delusional to locate them. But then something like this comes along. Something that makes me wonder – you know what? Maybe these girls are onto something. After all, girls like my friend Anastasia (not her real name – no idea why she’d want to be called Anastasia instead) are being asked to pick a husband out of a group of guys who send text messages like this. Word-for-word, I might add:

Text from Guy: “It’s funny because I think ur a beautiful girl, but I’m not really attracted to you. maybe a better way to put it is that what I find attractive isnt the way you look, but just you in general. Hrm, weird right. I would’ve texted or called, but it’s late. Night”

DB Commentary: Uhhh…what? Okay, deep breath. Here we go. This guy, in his alleged effort to express his interest in *Anastasia*, actually said “I’m not really attracted to you.” But just in case we missed the ‘big picture,’ he goes on to do an awful job of painting it for us by saying “maybe a better way to put it is that what I find attractive isn’t the way you look.” Uhh…what? Sorry, pal. Not getting warmer. And then, as he realizes all hope is lost, he just says “Hrm, weird right. I would’ve texted or called, but it’s late. Night.”

The most baffling part about this all is that it wasn’t a phone call. He didn’t just have a slip of the tongue and realize he should try to make amends. He actually took the time to write this. In all probability, he probably also read it over a second time and said to himself ‘Yep, this is definitely the way to go. This will send her a clear message that she’s the one I want.’

But before I totally bury the guy’s efforts, let’s consider some other factors. Perhaps he just isn’t good with words. He could’ve been nervous. Or maybe he was held at gunpoint while he was forced to crank out this message. That could happen, too. In any case, he looks like Ryan Gosling compared to this next guy. Here’s a transcript of their conversation:

Anastasia: I just started a new case.
Guy: Can’t wait till you start mine.
Anastasia: What? What happened? What case?
Guy: My case of the hots for you.
I’ll give you a second to soak it all in. It’s a gem, isn’t it? And no, this conversation wasn’t taken out of context. This was the guy’s first effort at a ‘come on.’ And maybe that’s the explanation. Maybe in his 20 some-odd years in life, he’d never been called upon to express his interest in a woman. That could happen, too! But despite my resistance to say so, I think it’s finally safe to say – Girls, you’re right. When you’re in the buffet line and this is what’s on the menu, you have every right to be jaded.
With that said, you may also want to consider visiting some new restaurants. But that’s a conversation for next time…

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