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Newly Married Gay Couple

I’m a Christian; just your run-of-the-mill sinner who happens to believe that love is God’s greatest principle for life. I’m not the “Take a ‘religious stance’ by eating waffle fries at Chick-Fil-A” type of Christian. Those people suck.

Nevertheless, this is often the best that they can do. And here’s their MO: Profess a so-called ‘moral outrage’ not by fighting for something, but against something. Abortion? Let’s protect the fetus, but neglect the needs of the newborn and its mother. Birth control? Don’t let anyone use condoms, but when they get pregnant or become infected with an STD, blame them for poor decision making. Then ostracize them from the one organization that should be their safe-haven.

And then, there are gay people.

A novelty when they were only hosting home design shows on HGTV; a threat when they tried to obtain equal rights in their own country. And that doesn’t even mean ‘gay marriage.’ No, that means rights that are even more basic; to work in certain industries, to gain health insurance. Things like that.

What’s interesting is that, for most Christians, morality never makes its way out of someone else’s crotch. You know what would be an impressive statement of God’s love? Fighting for your marriage. Stop neglecting your wife. Buy her flowers. Do something to help reduce the 50 percent divorce rate instead of tearing down the efforts of a demographic whom you don’t know and refuse to understand.

Then get a grip on your own household. Restore trust with your children. And when it comes time for them to make smart decisions about their sexuality, they might actually impress you because you cared enough to guide them. Why the high-horse today?

Lacking in virtually every single wide-spread Christian political stance is what Christ himself was all about – Love.

And that Jesus guy? I’m hard-pressed to think a man who’s life was spent with tax collectors, prostitutes and the diseased would’ve staged a sit-in at a fast food restaurant to showcase the heart he has for his people. God’s people are called to love; not stage chicken sandwich-sit-ins to ‘protect’ the marital institution they’re responsible for destroying.

Stop fighting against everything. Start fighting for something.

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