Monthly Archives: September 2012

On Friday, September 14, the world was given its first opportunity to pre-order the illustrious iPhone 5. Not familiar with it? It’s Apple’s latest smart phone, which features a slightly larger screen to showcase an extra row of apps you won’t use. And I couldn’t wait to have it. I’d waited two plus years with a 3G S – produced sometime in the B.C. years, I recall – and waited with envy as my friends […]


Mommy’s little titty boy – ahem, me – loved playing with his Fisher-Price kitchen set as a child. My uncles ridiculed me to no end because, well, wasn’t I an adorable, precocious homosexual? I eschewed the staples of masculine tradition – footballs, basketballs, baseballs – for pots and pans, hard plastic slices of white bread and faux-liquid glasses of orange juice. It was my figurative ‘cup of tea.’ Serving up make-believe breakfast to my real-life […]

Am I Gay?

LUCK: noun 1. the force┬áthat seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities. Let me get something out in the open. I don’t believe that any one person has more ‘luck’ than another person. All things equal, there are times when circumstance favors some individuals over others, and vice versa. In the end, though, no person gains more favor over another simply by ‘luck.’ Like […]