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When I first wrote a blog about ‘sex,’ I expected a lot of the usual feedback – “Yeah, great point, David!” or “I totally agree! Want a hug?” Stuff like that. But that’s not the feedback I got; none of the fluffy, sentimental stuff I was expecting. Instead, most of my respondents were women who believed that the more sex you had – and the more people you had it with – the better. Huh.

Let’s Talk About Sex – Part 2

NOT DONE. NOT EDITED. A PREVIEW. CLICK HERE TO HELP SUPPORT THE PROJECT! “Vanessa, what’s your best memory of being single?” I asked. “Slutober,” she quipped flatly, with a smirk emerging from the corner of her lips. There’s a hint of “wait until you hear this story” in her voice, but I figure we’ll get back to that. After all, she had just ripped off the invented name of a month with “slut” as its […]

Chapter 1 – 10 Phases of Dating

As Declan McCullagh reported on CNet today, Instagram said that it “has the perpetual right to sell users’ photographs without payment or notification, a dramatic policy shift that quickly sparked a public outcry. The new intellectual property policy, which takes effect on January 16, comes three months after Facebook completed its acquisition of the popular photo-sharing site. Unless Instagram users delete their accounts before the January deadline, they cannot opt out.” Are people mad? You […]

5 Reasons Instagram’s New Terms of Service are Awesome

How different does my life look now than it did on January 1, 2012? For starters, I’m no longer sleeping on a mound of blankets and foam pads. That mound, of course, could be found on the floor of my high school bedroom. In my grandparent’s house. In Rochester, NY. I’m not there anymore, either. Did I mention I was making about $500 a month? Stories of change start this way, though, and I’m proud to […]

2012 – The Year That Changed My Life

I got this email from a friend the other day: “Some friends and I were discussing whether love is something that is supposed to just flow and come together easily, or do couples sometimes have to “fight” for it? (I’m talking about when people initially get together, not after being a relationship.) Basically I guess the question is: is love supposed to just ‘work’?”

Baby, Sometimes Love Don’t Come Easy

I had an awesome chat today with a San Francisco dating coach, and close friend, Sarena Bahad, and she presented me with perhaps the most retro-progressive (a new term that I just created) idea for dating that I’ve heard in a long time. She and I remain in agreement that there are 10 phases of dating (phew, the book is still alive), but the idea she presented me with would essentially eliminate six of them; pretty much […]

4 Phases of Dating?

I have no interest in ‘leading in’ today. The title of the blog says it all. Enjoy and add to the list. “My ex is crazy” means “I’m not over my ex.” Who cares about whether your ex is crazy or not? If you’re over them, their craziness doesn’t concern you. Unless it does. In which case, you might still be crazy about your ex. “Something came up” means “Something more important came up.” And it wasn’t you. […]

Decoding 7 Ways You Were Rejected