Monthly Archives: May 2013

In the good ‘ole days – or at least as I imagine them – a man would squire a woman with spoken, confident intent. He would locate said woman, who was likely doing something ‘womanly,’ and say something like “I desire for you to be mine” or “let’s begin a scripted march toward marriage.”

What’s a Date?

Last week, after several weeks of ‘pawing’ around the issue, I made the decision to adopt a 2-year-old American Bulldog named Buddy. He’s a rescue pup, and he’s been through numerous hellish ordeals in his relatively short life. I’m excited to have him, but at the same time – and, as my long period of indecision would indicate – I’m nervous, too.

Dogs, Love & Commitment Issues

After a tearful, dramatic goodbye, I was single again after roughly two years in a relationship. I had just turned 22 and, as foolish as it sounds now, I felt like I’d been complicit in dealing a death sentence to my own love life. Without a doubt, it was over for me. And I had to pick up the pieces of my own broken heart, too. To call it a dramatic moment, and the gateway […]

Single in Your 20s? Get Over Yourself