Long Distance Love

*Dedicated to someone who may or may not be starting a clothing line.*

PROOF THAT GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR: 365 days in your own city. Number of people you meet who you’re really interested in? Zero. 3 days in another city? You’re freaking in love with that one guy you met.

For starters, consider the irony that you’re interacting with single men and women on a daily basis and you’d rather go to CrossFit or watch Sharnado then give them an extra minute of time. Then you meet someone random ass stranger – a friend of a friend or a mystery man – and lightning strikes. You’re like “I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me!”

Maybe it was their looks. Their charm. Or a combination of the two, all at the backdrop of an unfamiliar scene that had you unafraid of letting your emotions go. Maybe you met at an event in their city, or at the hotel bar on a summer vacation. Or maybe you made-out and fell in love with a Filipina chick at a Las Vegas pool party and stayed in touch via FaceTime for a few months. Ahem…but I digress.

The fact of the matter is that it happened. And now you’re starting to imagine sharing the same last name as them, and all you know is that they love Sharknado, too.

What do you do next?

Logic tells us to run the hell away. Because seriously, what are the odds of it working out? Awful. Yes, one of you could relocate to the other’s city. Or you could travel back and forth to see each other every month or so, but you know better. The chance that either of those scenarios ends up in a mutually satisfying, full-fledged relationship is slim.

But logic also tells us that the chance of ending up with one person, period, is also pretty slim. Imagine if you kept track of the ones that didn’t work out along the way. You may have had three or four boyfriends, 15-20 people you ‘talked’ to, and hundreds of others that you met but didn’t ever take a chance on.

And here you are, alone, maybe a hundred or a thousand miles away from someone you actually like.

You know what? Go for it. Book the plane ticket. Take a chance and see what happens. Because it’s not like the rest of your relationships have worked out, so even if this fails, aren’t you in the same spot as you were before? Even in the worst case scenario, you did some extra traveling and enjoyed another city in the presence of someone who’s company you really enjoyed.

The best case scenario is that it works. And if it does, you both have a tough decision to make, like who’s going to uproot their life to make it happen. Worried? Cry me a river. You’ll be just fine in a new city.

In the meantime, be reasonable. You haven’t even gone on a real date yet. But, you’re both in a vulnerable spot if you’ve said “hey, I barely know you, but I like you enough that I’m willing to uproot my life for you if it somehow works out.”

So be patient and play it cool. Give them some space, and don’t close off your options, either. If you avoid putting unreasonable expectations on either of you, then the odds of it actually working out have to at least be improved.

And that’s a good thing, because you’ll want someone to watch the sequel of Sharknado with.


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