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Is it true that “if you don’t use it, you lose it”? Why, yes, it is. Take my writing, for example.

What used to come out of me with ease on a regular basis now feels like forced, written arrogance. And don’t get me wrong – it’s definitely that. Anyone who creates a website with a self-proclamation as its namesake, then fills it to overflowing with his own opinions, definitely isn’t short on ego.

So yes, I’m still using my ego, and it’s not that which I’m losing

What I’m losing is a topic I’m consistently passionate enough to write about. For the better part of two years, it was dating. But once I’m done with my book, I feel like I’ll have nothing new to say.

Sure, I could drop a few one-liners from time to time, like “If a girl posts a Marilyn Monroe quote, she’s 50% more likely to sleep with you” or “If you date a guy who took his profile picture where he took a shit, don’t be surprised when he treats you like shit,” but that would get old eventually.

Or I could tell you how every time I hear someone say you’ll “find love when you’re least expecting it,” I immediately know they’re still single or are about to be single.

I could also tell you that if I were allowed to open hand slap people without repercussion that my list of victims would include anyone who has more Instagram photos than followers, and anyone who spends more time documenting their life than living it.

Or I could just sit back and acknowledge that I’m on the doorstep of 300 words and I still haven’t said anything of substance, yet got close enough that I felt comfortable enough to label this is a real blog post.

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