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In early September, I had the privilege of ushering my friends Allison and Sam into marriage. I’ll never forget the moment they joined as one, and I smile thinking that I helped them do it. That day, I shared a Bible verse with them about love. Typically, explaining love is a mostly fruitless venture, but at least when you use words from the good book, you’ve at least got 2,000 years of street cred at […]

The Definition of Love

In 2006, I’m pretty sure I was the coolest, most successful person in Dade County. And on earth. After all, I had just become the first college graduate in my family, and I’d landed an entry-level job doing search marketing for a boss-level salary of $30K. I could practically smell retirement. My ego was bigger than Kanye’s, too, because I’d pulled it all off by the age of 21. Aren’t you impressed?

I’m Turning 30

This week, I “celebrate” the 11 year anniversary of a car accident that nearly claimed my life. I’ve reposted this story on the anniversary of the accident, and made some improvements along the way, each of the past six years. Each time, it’s a fresh reminder of my “miracle.”

11 Years Later: April 4, 2003

After nine plus years of calling Miami home, and occasionally joining in on the “Miami bashing,” I’m prepared to finally take a public stance and say that I, in fact, truly love this city. And I’ve seen a lot of it – I’ve lived in the Fontainebleau area that borders Doral(zuela), lived on the edge of the Everglades, bounced over to Coconut Grove, then Coral Gables, then Little Havana (yes, a theoretical step back), then […]

9 Reasons Miami is Magnificent

If you’re lucky, college is four years – maybe more – to learn a skill set, take on a variety of life experiences and develop new, meaningful friendships. My own experiences qualify me as “lucky” by that standard. I got good grades, covered a lifetime of years in experiences and for a couple of years during and after school, I lived in an unofficial frat house with two of my official ‘frat bros’ and one […]

Cancer & Why I’m an Asshole

I’ve done all I can to avoid the gratuitous moments of self-reflection that are popping up as I march toward the milestone that is my 30th birthday, but it’s been a losing battle. Every 20-something has a list of things – written or mentally logged – that they expect to check off before the clock hits 30. And I’m thankful to say that I hit all of those when I was 28. I became a […]

Letting Go

It was a passionate night between the Colombian brunette goddess and me – Robin Thicke playing in the background, and some Erykah Badu, too – that kind of night. The lady in question was one whom I’d been seeing for a while. Not quite official, but close enough. And she was gorgeous – nearly my height, and slender but womanly at every curve and crevice. You know the type – completely out of my league.

You Want Me to Choke You?