Monthly Archives: February 2014

After nine plus years of calling Miami home, and occasionally joining in on the “Miami bashing,” I’m prepared to finally take a public stance and say that I, in fact, truly love this city. And I’ve seen a lot of it – I’ve lived in the Fontainebleau area that borders Doral(zuela), lived on the edge of the Everglades, bounced over to Coconut Grove, then Coral Gables, then Little Havana (yes, a theoretical step back), then […]

9 Reasons Miami is Magnificent

If you’re lucky, college is four years – maybe more – to learn a skill set, take on a variety of life experiences and develop new, meaningful friendships. My own experiences qualify me as “lucky” by that standard. I got good grades, covered a lifetime of years in experiences and for a couple of years during and after school, I lived in an unofficial frat house with two of my official ‘frat bros’ and one […]

Cancer & Why I’m an Asshole