“Add an ‘I’ to it,” Kevin said to me, Jim and Dan. We looked at him with confusion. We were in the upper youth room at Westside Baptist Church surrounded by all the other teenaged boys in our high school youth group. The girls were in a separate room that day. It was day one of the “Love, Sex and Dating” Sunday School series, which we’d been looking to with great anticipation for weeks in […]

I Love Sex & Dating

By David Berry: Valentine’s Day can be traced back to a bunch of guys named ‘Valentine’ who were martyrs for Christianity back in the first century. That’s your history lesson for the day. And I love a lot of you, but I’m not about to get mauled to death to prove it. And that whole martyrdom story more or less validates the title of this blog – Valentine’s Day is Bullshit. I’ve known that for a […]

Valentine’s Day is Bullshit

Once upon a time, I had a close friend give me some advice that, at the time, resonated loud and clear with me. It’s also stuck with me since then. The message was this – if you believe in fate and ‘finding the one,’ then you need to go into every relationship scenario with expecations that match your ideals. That means that if you date 100 people, you should expect that 99 of them will fail. Pessimistic? That […]

Giving and Taking Rejection

In March 2012, a friend of mine suggested that I write about the confusion that many of us in the ‘modern’ world (whatever that means) will invariably face when it comes to dating. So at her request, I decided to create this post, called the ’10 Phases of Dating.’ Since then, I’ve been intrigued by the response I’ve gotten. It’s been overwhelming. Everyone, it seems – single or taken – loves to talk about dating. They love to analyze it, […]

10 Phases of Dating

In every age group, men and women have disparate dating issues. In their early to mid 20s, girls are as ready as ever for a serious relationship. They’re fresh out of college and off of daddy’s credit cards, as optimistic about love as they are with life. Men in their early to mid 20s? Well, they’re more aptly labled as ‘ineligible’ bachelors. They have newly minted jobs and a closet filled with fitted Express 1MX button down shirts. And they […]

The Late 20s Dating Disaster

As the eloquent rapper Method Man once said, ‘nothing make a man feel better than a woman.’ Certainly the smell of a woman’s hair, the glow of her smile or her delightful figure were all at the top of Mr. Meth’s mind when he wrote that lyric. But that doesn’t mean we love everything that you bring to the table. Today’s blog? Five things we can definitely do without. 1.Over-Communication. How is it that you […]

5 Things Guys Don’t Want From Girls

It’s so easy being a guy, isn’t it? No, it’s not. It’s awful. You’ve got all this pretty hair and a beautiful smile. We’ve got all of these pit stains and our pants don’t fit. And that’s not all. Check out this list of four other things that guys fear when they’re around women. 1. Making Enough Money – As women are working their way up the professional ranks, men are faced with a new […]

4 Guy Fears Regarding Women

1. We’re Not Afraid of Commitment. 5 year car loans. 1 year gym contracts. 30 year mortgages. No problem. To put it bluntly, if a guy is sure about you, you’ll know it. If he’s not? Well, you’ll know that, too. Whether or not you accept it is a different story. 2. We’re Insecure, Too. For every eyebrow waxing or hair straightening session you endure to play the part of pretty, there’s a guy who’s […]

5 Guy Secrets

Let’s face it. Girls complain about the poor selection of quality guys all the time. “Oh, he’s a jerk” or “I don’t know, he doesn’t ‘do it’ for me.” And frankly, I almost always have zero sympathy for them. I know there are plenty of ‘good guys’ out there who they aren’t paying any mind to, but they’re too self-absorbed or delusional to locate them. But then something like this comes along. Something that makes […]

Why Girls Are Jaded

Whether it’s because you’re in love, in search of it or jaded by it, yesterday’s blog clearly resonated with many of you. And thus, I’ve got a Part 2. And a theory: We truly believe in commitment, but we resent the overblown divorce rate of our parents’ generation – and we’re clueless about how to break the pattern. As a result, we’re creating the opposite problem – we’re not committing at all. It’s a low […]

100% – Part 2