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The 10 Phases of Dating, my debut book, goes on sale in 35 days! In the past couple of years, I’ve fallen out of habit with writing on my blog, but I’m planning to change that from now through the launch of the book.  __________________ I lost my virginity when I was 26 years old. (Usually after I share that information, I let it hang out there in dumbfounded silence for a few seconds. One. […]

The 26 Year Old Virgin

White people will tell you it exists, but that it’s true of other white people. Black people will tell you they’re victims of it. And Hispanic or Latino people – you know, ‘Mexicans’ to the uninformed – are being unilaterally threatened with deportation because of it. (And Syrians, and judges in Indiana, and…) It is racism, or what the dictionary defines as the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that […]

I am a Racist

This week, I found out that a girl friend of mine was the victim of a vicious sexual assault during college. At a train station, in a seemingly safe public setting no less. Learning the news made my stomach turn with nausea. Partly because I had said something to make light of it.

The End of the Rape Joke

One month ago on this blog, I wrote at length about testing my metaphorical, professional parachute. On April 25, I filed for the incorporation of DB + Partners, seven days after beginning the grassroots efforts of actually having a business worth incorporating – on the day I wrote that blog. That first night, I stayed up until 1:00 a.m. writing down a list of contacts and old friends that I would need to reach out […]

In 30 Days

I got fired from my job yesterday. In my subjective opinion, what I did – or failed to do – was low on the list of fire-able offenses. But guess what? My name isn’t on the side of the building, and my opinion on what qualifies as a fire-able offense is irrelevant. Even more so as I write this.

Opening Your Parachute

This week, I “celebrate” the 13 year anniversary of a car accident that nearly claimed my life. I’ve reposted this story on the anniversary of the accident, and made some improvements along the way, each of the past eight years. Each time, it’s a fresh reminder of my “miracle.” No matter how I lead up to this or what you read in my story, it’s going to seem like I’m being dramatic, but I’m pretty […]

April 4, 2003

1 year ago today, I lost my grandmother to kidney cancer. A few days after she passed, I was honored to deliver the eulogy at her memorial service. The moments that surround her death still feel surreal to me. Four days before she passed, she was placed in hospice care. We had all been told that she had about a month to live. I was scheduled to fly home for a wedding the following week, […]

3 Lessons from My Grandma

On September 24, I turn 31 years old. Not a real milestone, but I find that birthdays are a logical time for self-reflection. I’m far from a finished product – and frankly, I can’t believe I’m responsible for adult decisions – but I’ve learned some valuable lessons. Here are 31 of them.

31 Lessons at 31

Going through a break-up is akin to getting murdered but living through it. When people describe heartache as a physical pain, they’re not exaggerating. When I first sat down to write this blog, nearly 10 weeks ago, I was feeling it intensely. I battled myself over and over about whether or not to share the story about the break up, because having yourself (metaphorically) ripped open and laid bare feels like it should accompany an […]

The Validation of a Broken Heart

In the spring of 1987, I was fortunate to experience the birth of two new cousins. I was 3 years old, so I don’t remember the details. One cousin was a boy, Michael, born to my father’s sister – so we were real cousins. After him, I wouldn’t have another male cousin born for more than seven years. Naturally, we were expected to be close. And for a couple of years, and based on the […]

What’s Meant to Be