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Don’t date a girl who cheated on a guy to be with you. If he doesn’t hold the door for you, give him the boot. Don’t date a guy who has a history of sleeping around. If he doesn’t honor the ‘two day rule,’ he’s too eager. Don’t hangout two days in a row within the first few weeks of dating and don’t do it at his apartment and don’t have sex and… Hold up. […]

The Rules are Broken

About six months ago, I did something out of character (mom, don’t read this!) – I met a girl out at a bar an imbibing establishment and took her back to my apartment. Or, more accurately, she left the establishment and followed me home. And since I’m a stand-up guy who hates to disappoint, I allowed her to accompany me back to my residence. Normally, I wouldn’t have done that. But I let her because […]

A Little Shop of Horrors – In My Bedroom

Always the insecure, validation-seeking mommy’s boy, I (half) jokingly asked my mother if she was proud of me the other day. “Of course I am, sweetheart,” she said. “I just hope you find somebody is all.” Which means “blah blah blah blah blah to all of the great things you just said, but you’re still single.” Ouch.

Dating Apathy

As recently as three or so years ago, the notion that I could date a mom still had an American Pie mental image attached to it. The assumption being, of course, that getting with a mom meant getting with a friend’s mom, which was more of a novelty than an actual option. (You’re safe, guys.) That is, until MILFs became part of a new demographic – late 20s, early 30s divorcees with a kid or […]

Dating a Mom

In the good ‘ole days – or at least as I imagine them – a man would squire a woman with spoken, confident intent. He would locate said woman, who was likely doing something ‘womanly,’ and say something like “I desire for you to be mine” or “let’s begin a scripted march toward marriage.”

What’s a Date?

Last week, after several weeks of ‘pawing’ around the issue, I made the decision to adopt a 2-year-old American Bulldog named Buddy. He’s a rescue pup, and he’s been through numerous hellish ordeals in his relatively short life. I’m excited to have him, but at the same time – and, as my long period of indecision would indicate – I’m nervous, too.

Dogs, Love & Commitment Issues

After a tearful, dramatic goodbye, I was single again after roughly two years in a relationship. I had just turned 22 and, as foolish as it sounds now, I felt like I’d been complicit in dealing a death sentence to my own love life. Without a doubt, it was over for me. And I had to pick up the pieces of my own broken heart, too. To call it a dramatic moment, and the gateway […]

Single in Your 20s? Get Over Yourself

From time to time, I get asked my opinion on online dating. In the past couple of weeks, though, I’ve had more people bring it up than usual. And for clarity’s sake, when they refer to “online dating,” they’re usually referring to and eHarmony. Not Facebook and Instagram. The question I get asked, of course, is “do you have anything against online dating?” And I always answer the same way: “Of course not.” Well, […]

Anti-Online Dating

In this blog, it’s easy for me to come across as a stinging, straight-talking dating opinionaire (a word I just made up), but that’s because I spend most of my time telling you what not to do. It gets harder to be candid – and convincing – when I try to speak convincingly about things you should do. Why? Because I’m kind of bad at dating. Here are four reasons why:

I’m Bad at Dating

Hey there, everyone. It’s me again. The guy who hounded you for two months to support him in his efforts to write a book called ’10 Phases of Dating.’ And boy, did you ever. You helped me hit my Kickstarter goal and it still gives me chills to realize that nearly SIXTY people contributed to this project. SIXTY. That tells me a couple of things: 1. I was adequately aggressive in beating you into submission […]

My Book Sucks, But…