Boys and girls, on a rare occasion, I like to share posts/information from friends who’ve written something that I find to be, well, compelling. My friend Amanda Gonzalez wrote the following blog, so if you love it, I can’t take credit for it. She’s a woman, in case you know any guys named Amanda and needed clarification. And I think that her story resonates quite a bit with many of the woman who’ve become readers […]

Of Mutants (and Portland)

Serious question right here: If you’re opposed to gay marriage, can you tell me why? Is it because you believe, either through lessons of culture or religion, that marriage is to be between a man and a woman? Not a fan of home makeover shows? Or do you just find it repulsive that some guys take it up the ass from other guys and some women go down on each other? Granted, I don’t have […]

The Truth About Gay Marriage Opposition

If you’re ever on a date with someone who starts a sentence with “I’m the kind of girl/guy who…”, run in the opposite direction. Here’s why. Mr. “I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t cheat on girls” is absolutely the kind of guy who cheats on girls. A normal guy would accept that faithfulness should more or less be expected in a relationship and just, you know, be faithful. But if he’s bringing it up, […]

I’m the Kind of Guy

No matter how well-intentioned I aimed to be, telling Kara that I had met someone else – and that I wasn’t all that interested to begin with – was painful. It always is. We had only been on one date, though, so it wasn’t a soap opera-worthy moment. In circumstances like this, I don’t think a one-date relationship warrants a break-up conversation, but she wanted answers. Fine.

Let’s NOT Be ‘Just Friends’

A few weeks back, I dove into the friend zone – both in the blog and probably, unbeknownst to me, in real life, too. I don’t know for sure, but history indicates I probably did. But did it have to be that way? Was there a moment in time where I could’ve steered it into more than friend zone if I had wanted to? Do I even have any control over that?

Does She Like Me?

For anyone who’s heart rate jumped upon seeing the title of this blog (ahem, Marissa), I’m remiss to inform you that this is not Part 3 of my short story. Not to worry, though; there will be a Part 3. For now, this is the blog post that I intended to write when I first brought up the subject of ‘sex on the first date.’

Sex on the First Date – To Do or Not ...

It’s a fleeting moment of conscious thought. ‘Should I go there?’ you wonder. Sure, you have your rules. They’re good rules, too. You should pull back, shouldn’t you? To hell with it. Not tonight.

Sex on the First Date – Part 2

It’s over. Your relationship is finally finished. Sigh. You tried this time, too. Hell, you tried countless times. You didn’t quit on it. You endured every argument, every hurt feeling and then some. You fought each other and you fought for each other. But it wasn’t enough. And it hurts to say that – ‘It wasn’t enough.’ Your efforts, and the relationship itself, failed. Sound familiar?

Getting Over the Post Break-Up Blues

He showed up on time, dressed well. Trendy cardigan and hipster shades, but enough unkempt facial scruff to make it seem like he wasn’t really trying. Well, it worked. You’re digging him – and you don’t even know where he’s taking you for dinner. Wait, he made reservations? Yeah, you’re definitely digging him. Tapas? Nice touch. You feel sexy eating all of this, and the red wine aroma smells like the Plaza del Sol itself. […]

Sex on the First Date – 1 of 2

Friends with benefits: Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved. Typically two good friends who have casual sex without a monogamous relationship or any kind of commitment. – Source, Urban Dictionary. About a year and a half ago, a close friend of mine started on a ‘friends with benefits’ journey with a member of the female persuasion. A nice diversion from his ongoing chase of another girl, and an easy ‘go-to’ […]

Friends with Benefits – Does it Work?