Small boobs. Weird laugh. Nervous twitch. Poor style sense. You name it, someone’s dealt with it – or still is. And regardless of what your insecurities are, I’ll guarantee you have a few. We all do. But does knowing that we all have insecurities make a difference? Nope. We let them overpower us anyway.

Naturally, I bring this up now because I’m facing some powerful insecurities of my own at the moment; most of which deal with my current status as an entrepreneur/27 year old who moved back in with his parents. But whatever your insecurity is, plug it into your mind and then ask yourself this question – so what?

Small rack? You’ll age much more gracefully than the C and D cups you envy right now. Weird laugh? At least you get the joke. And so on and so on. Insecurities, at their very essence, are nothing but self-imposed restrictions. The insecurity itself has no power to hold you back. And if you feel like it’s holding you back, then guess whose fault it is? Yours.

Insecurities create a made-up comfort zone that does nothing but impose limits. We think it’s safe. It’s not. We’re immeasurably more powerful than we think we are, so we allow ourselves to be satisfied on a lower level. And that’s not safe at all. If anything, it sets us up for a future that will have us looking back and wondering what could’ve been.

Insecurities aren’t real. They’re made-up. And if we’d start treating them that way, then maybe we’d get past them. And who knows what would be possible on the other side? Up to you to find out.

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