The Late 20s Dating Disaster

The Late 20s Dating Disaster

In every age group, men and women have disparate dating issues. In their early to mid 20s, girls are as ready as ever for a serious relationship. They’re fresh out of college and off of daddy’s credit cards, as optimistic about love as they are with life. Men in their early to mid 20s? Well, they’re more aptly labled as ‘ineligible’ bachelors. They have newly minted jobs and a closet filled with fitted Express 1MX button down shirts. And they intend to do everything in their power to destroy your emotions and flee from commitment.

Late 20s and early 30s? Role reversal. After aggressively damaging the female population’s perception of men for the better part of five years, men start wondering why girls are so jaded towards them and, ironically, desperate to marry them.

And women? They’re storming out of the blocks toward the ‘find me any old husband with a pulse’ finish line – by any means necessary. The same girls who merceleslly mocked their older 20-something counter parts for joining just a few short years ago are now betting the house on finding their perfect match on a dating site. And where marriage and holy matrimony were once the foundational pipe dreams of their youth, they’re now a ‘must have’ item on the unofficial scavenger hunt through adulthood.

Love? It’s negotiable. We’ll take ‘good enough’ in exchange for a faster-track to dress and tux fittings. A wedding is a must. Marriage (that whole lifetime that comes after it)? Optional.

Behold – it’s dating life in your late 20s/early 30s.


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Berry has an MBA from Florida International University and draws passion for his craft from a wide base of interests, as he’s also a NASM certified personal trainer, former stand-up comedian, and volunteer, having won Miami Children’s Hospital’s 2011 Volunteer of the Year award while raising more than $100,000 for the hospital’s Radio Lollipop program.

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