Decoding 7 Ways You Were Rejected

Decoding 7 Ways You Were Rejected

I have no interest in ‘leading in’ today. The title of the blog says it all. Enjoy and add to the list.

“My ex is crazy” means “I’m not over my ex.” Who cares about whether your ex is crazy or not? If you’re over them, their craziness doesn’t concern you. Unless it does. In which case, you might still be crazy about your ex.

“Something came up” means “Something more important came up.” And it wasn’t you. Oops.

“I’ve been crazy busy” means “I chose not to make you a priority.” I’d rather pick up my dry cleaning, catch up on Homeland, and look up recipes on Pinterest than hangout with you.

“It’s not you” means “It’s you.” You’re either not attractive enough, not funny enough, not smart enough, or…yeah, it’s you.

“I’m seeing somebody” means “You’re less enticing than this guy I went on one date with.” I don’t know him. I don’t know you. And I kinda don’t wanna get to know you.

“You’re really nice” means “You’re soft.” Kinda try being a man so I can take you seriously.

“I don’t know if I’m ready” means “I’m not going to date you.” Or I will, and then I’ll break up with you.

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