Sex on the First Date – 1 of 2

Sex on the First Date – 1 of 2

He showed up on time, dressed well. Trendy cardigan and hipster shades, but enough unkempt facial scruff to make it seem like he wasn’t really trying. Well, it worked. You’re digging him – and you don’t even know where he’s taking you for dinner. Wait, he made reservations? Yeah, you’re definitely digging him.

Tapas? Nice touch. You feel sexy eating all of this, and the red wine aroma smells like the Plaza del Sol itself. Dim lights, faint music. It’s all there. He’s charming but honest. Disarming, too. It wasn’t supposed to go this well, but damn if it’s not a welcome surprise. Conversation flows. And flows. What time is it? Does it matter? It’s midnight. Already? Damn.

He pays the check with no hesitation. It was never a question and he made sure you knew it. Enough ‘take charge’ attitude to recognize you’re dealing with a self-assured guy, but he’s light years from cocky. He’s different.

Valet arrives. He steps ahead of you at the car door, but for an instant. He insists on getting your door, waiting until you’re comfortably inside. You feel singular; no other woman is alive right now.

‘You good?’ he asks?

Even better, you think.

You’re home in a flash; time speeds up when you want it to slow. Damn. He gently pulls the car into park, pausing briefly to look at you with a sheepish grin escaping from the corners of his lips. Yum.

You exhale as he exits the car. Nerves. Unadulterated joy. A powerful blend of energy; you’re bathing in it. He meets you at your door as you step out. Weren’t we just savoring the last drops of our second bottle? You don’t want to be home; but you do.

You’re in his arms. How? It’s carnal bliss. Has my body ever felt this before? Oh, virginal touch. Did he hug me, or me him? I don’t care.  ‘I wonder what his finger tips could do to my body?’ you wonder. Too long; this hug.

You had a moment of control but it’s lost. Not coming back, either. Your lips meet; no, they melt. Your mouth fits his. Your tongues meet; a symphony of senses, an audience of two. A gracious audience, indeed.

‘Do you want to come inside?’ Wait, did you just say that? You did. Maybe your body said it, and yes, you meant it in more ways than one.

Then, like a car crash, it hits you…

4 thoughts on “Sex on the First Date – 1 of 2

  1. If it happens that it does happen on the first date, I usually feel the guy probably just wanted sex and i don’t feel like seeing him again. And will rarely see him again.

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