My Book Sucks, But…

My Book Sucks, But…

Hey there, everyone. It’s me again. The guy who hounded you for two months to support him in his efforts to write a book called ’10 Phases of Dating.’ And boy, did you ever. You helped me hit my Kickstarter goal and it still gives me chills to realize that nearly SIXTY people contributed to this project. SIXTY. That tells me a couple of things: 1. I was adequately aggressive in beating you into submission to support the project. And 2. You really do believe in me and my ability.

With that said, I’ve got good news and bad news about the project (Not that bad; I’m just being dramatic). Want the bad news first? Yeah, I don’t blame you on that choice. Okay, here it goes:

I’ve written four chapters so far. And they all suck.

But there’s good news, too:

I have never been more challenged/frustrated/determined than I am right now to produce something incredible, vibrant and purchase-worthy.

Of course, I’m being a bit vague right now. Let me explain. When I first wrote a rough synopsis of this book, the overarching idea was to write something funny, brutally honest, mildly irreverent and totally memorable. Something that you would read and say ‘Ahhh, it’s just like his blog, but better!’

Well, I’ve tried. In fact, thanks to my editor, each of the chapters I’ve written are much better than what I originally put in front of her. I’ve learned a lot about my strengths, and probably more about my limitations. It’s been a period of growth, to be sure. But I think we both agree that what I have so far is not that good. Or, more accurately, it’s not me.

It’s vanilla; I’m chocolate and peanut butter. I haven’t been telling stories; I’ve been giving reports. Sadly, it’s also been joyless at times, which has been the biggest red flag of all. I love writing. It fuels me. And that shouldn’t be truer than right now, as I’m trying to create my ‘crowning achievement’ in book form.

So what now?

For starters, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you expected from this book. What drove you to support it in the first place. And two, I’d like for you to share with me the names/information of some people you know – who are strangers to me – whom you think would be exciting/fun interviews for the book. Make sure they have good stories, too, and not just good personalities.

My editor keeps saying something to me over and over that inspires me, and it’s this: “David, I want this book to be on the shelves of Barnes & Noble.” I haven’t bought into it and I’m still hesitant to. But I’m not going to waste my time – or yours – by writing something that isn’t worth being on that shelf. It’s going to be damn good. I promise.

One thought on “My Book Sucks, But…

  1. David, you’re an amazing writer and I have no doubt you will overcome your challenges and produce a witty, hilarious, and memorable book about dating! Writing a book isn’t supposed to be easy, so don’t get discouraged. You got this!! When I think of you, I expect to get dick slapped in the face with brutal honesty! Being borderline vulgar yet sensitive and heartwarming is a true quality of yours, so definitely bring that in your book! We don’t need another “here’s how to date” book, because like you said, you’re NOT vanilla like that! Be yourself and run with that!

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