A Middle Finger to Simon Sinek & Millennial-Bashers

A Middle Finger to Simon Sinek & Millennial-Bashers

By David Berry: This is Simon Sinek. Simon used to work at ad agencies. He’s British. He wrote three books. Now he’s a corporate motivational speaker and consultant. In addition, Simon says (hehe) that Millennials “got into honors classes and got A’s just because parents complained” and “got participation medals — a reward for coming in last.” In fact, he said that and a lot more about Millennials in this video.

Simon is also a smug, self-important twat who masturbates in front of his bathroom mirror with self-affirmations like “you’re smart” and “you’re really good in bed, Simon, no seriously.”

I know this to be true because Simon’s half-assed assessments of Millennials are as researched as my assertions that he jerks off in his bathroom while speaking self-affirmations. That is, to say, not researched at all.

Hi, I’m Simon. You don’t even need to hear anything I’ve said to know that I wear these glasses to compensate for my lack of originality, and the fact that I cry into my Honeynut Cheerios.

Look, it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a rant just for the sake of getting out some frustration, but if you’ve wished upon a star that I’d do it again, it’s your lucky day.

Simon Sinek, like many others, continues to repeat his tired jabs about Millennials because, I don’t know, a Hims generic prescription for Viagra hurts his ego.

Millennials are entitled. They’re lazy. They have empty relationships. They lack social skills because they rely on social media. They all got trophies or participation medals. They’re narcissistic, tough to manage, etc.

I mean, black people are criminals and Asians can’t drive, so Millennials are entitled softies with no work ethic, amiright?!

I get it. It’s every generation’s rite of passage to talk shit about the younger generation, and it helps soothe the pain of knowing that the 29-year-old you talk shit about in your office is more educated and productive than you.

But here’s the truth.

You call us lazy, but bitch about us always being on our smart phones when we’re responding to work emails at 9:00 p.m. because our work days don’t end at 5:00 p.m. How about you?

You say we have empty relationships and are the product of failed parenting skills, but you divorced our moms and dads at a rate of 50 percent and raised us in fractured homes. We’re waiting to get married, and we’re not going to fuck it up at the same rate that you did.

You say we lack social skills because we rely on social media, but we’re the ones who created the same tools you use to complain about us, while one of your own just became Secretary of Education and can’t spell.

You say we all got participation medals, but, ya know – you’re the ones who gave them to us, told us we were special, then turned to the social media tools that we created in order to complain about it. Last I checked, there were no unions of 6-year-olds in the 90s rising up and demanding better rec league soccer conditions and ice cream parties after we got our trophies.

You say that we’re entitled because of all of the gold stars and participation awards that you gave us. Huh? I mean, you grew up with Monopoly. Did you snatch an orange $500 from Community Chest and head to Toys-R-Us to buy a Radio Flyer? Oh weird, you were smart enough to know you had to work for real things, you microphallus.

And finally, you say we’re narcissistic and tough to manage. Look, if that upsets you, then you should’ve never told us we were special. You should’ve never told us to go to college. You should’ve never told us we could be what we wanted to be, or that we could change the world.

If our egos seem a little unchecked, there are two clear reasons for it. One. You gave us permission to be that way. And Two. We’re out creating a future for ourselves – we’re not waiting for it to be given to us. So that little bit of narcissism you complain about? Well, it seems like you might be “entitled” to that.

Simon Sinek. Stick to corporate consulting, where you can preach into your aging choir of “yes” men. We’ll be out building the future while you complain and window-shop new pairs of plastic-rimmed hipster glasses.

6 thoughts on “A Middle Finger to Simon Sinek & Millennial-Bashers

  1. Excellent points very well stated but lashing out at Simon undermines your message. I agree millenials are being stereotyped in misleading ways. I do not believe this forms the basis of what sinek speaks about though.

    Simon has a lot of insightful material but there are going to be things we may not agree with. This knee jerk reaction to write someone off so easily for one point of conflict is troubling and the root of miscommunication.

    Personally I cringed at what Simon said about millenials and almost saw red. Im not a millennial myself but felt he was off the mark. I can still look past that and appreciate his token words of wisdom that resonate.

    All you said about fractured families and parents heaping on praise. Yes i am in the generation that did that. Our generation suffered socially acceptable child abuse, we over compensated. The generation before suffered a little worse but improved this some for their kids. Every generation improves from the one that came before, its natural.
    Simons best lessons arent about millenials. Do not rob yourself of the good mesages. Learn from our mistakes that hating a person due to a few conflicting ideals is not good.

  2. I’m a little bit annoyed at this article, perhaps not for the reason you might think. To come straight to the point, I found this after Googling “Simon Sinek is a cunt”. I came across Sinek when someone shared one of his insufferable Millennial-bashing videos on FB. I found him particularly objectionable because he is the same age as me and seems to think he speaks for my generation, whereas the whole tone of his rhetoric belongs to the generation before. He’s a fucking square, a tedious, self-important square, and he deserves to be destroyed publicly. And I figured I would get round to doing this, but you’ve already done it. Which just shows that everything worth doing had already been done.

    1. Everything about this gives me great satisfaction lol. But hey, if you ever want me to amend the post to include YOUR takedowns, man, it would be my pleasure 🙂

  3. Been to quite a few talks where Gen X CEOs show this twats video without fail, I think Gen X and Boomers are under the impression he’s down with the kids when in fact he comes across as a complete tool.

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