Why Liberals are Petty Losers

Why Liberals are Petty Losers

Like most Liberals in 2016, I calmly told anyone in my echo chamber that there was a snowball’s chance in hell that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination for president. And after that didn’t pan out, I assured those same people that he’d get trounced in an open election against Hillary Clinton, the human manifestation of egg shell paint.

Big swing and a miss on both of those.

But, I also reasoned, the election of Trump was no more than a one-off reaction to political malaise and a broad distaste for Clinton. Republicans would quickly realize that they’d elected an accused rapist as president. You know, the guy who paid a porn star for her silence after an affair while his third wife was pregnant. ‘What have we done!’ they would say. Likewise, Democrats would learn to shed their hubris and fight Trump on principle, truth and fact just to restore sanity in the next election.

Well, wrong again.

Many of Trump’s voters are still in love with him. And Democrats, never the ones to take an ass whooping without an attempt at seppuku just for the fuck of it, have instead retreated to the farthest left of the rational universe, all but assuring that anything short of a total economic collapse before 2020 will guarantee a second term for Trump.

Liberals were handed the least qualified, most immoral presidential candidate in history, and two years later, these are their rallying cries:

I saw this ass-headed tweet last night and didn’t even pretend to be surprised by her Twitter bio: Co-editor of Nasty Women; author of Asking for It. Next up is Victim Complex: On Snowflakes, Witch Hunts, and the Cult of Personal Responsibility.

Which is like a Ponderosa lunch buffet of all of the latest “I’m angry about everything, until there’s something else, and then I’ll be angry about that too” rallying cry of the new age Liberal birthed out of Ann Coulter’s evil twin.

Of course, the tweet wasn’t a one-off. This counterculture of social justice warriors are all-in on their reverse KKK movement, now openly vilifying white people in ways that look alarmingly like Mein Kampf with a quasi-brown paint job.

We got a self-professed sexual criminal who mocks the disabled and calls immigrants ‘animals,’ and we’re fighting back by saying ‘now is the time for qualified people to step aside’? You’d be thrown out of an intro to logic class for even thinking it. All because what, you fashion yourself as a social media champion for outlier minorities?

My response above garnered me 19 likes, which I felt pretty good about. But sarcasm aside, I can’t imagine a more racist proclamation than one telling women, minorities, and some who are both, that they’re not qualified enough to win on their own merits.

Liberalism used to be rooted in principles of tolerance, and today’s far-left has proven it by…declaring war on white people. Not even guilty or bad white people! Just white people. This, of course, is a wondrous exhibition of tolerance, the same way that a gang bang is an edifice of flesh erected to extoll the virtues of feminism.

And when there’s not a person of color to use as a prop for social martyrdom, then plug in a transgendered or nonbinary person, or really anyone who isn’t cisgendered, and rinse and repeat.

It’s also a matter of convenience, depending on which of the aforementioned ‘outliers’ wind up in a headline on any given day. Liberals, by virtue of standing up for whoever garners the most outrage from the opposite side of the aisle, are caught in a tail chasing effort to be the first martyr standing up for a newly recognized amalgamation of a sexually and ethnically ostracized anomaly, until another one comes along.

An entirely new gender could be created tomorrow and they’d be first in line to denounce anyone who didn’t get all of the pronouns right on the first try. Not because they cared about those affected, but because they could exact some social media advantage over make-believe enemies.

Social justice on the left has become whatever the inverse to any Trump tweet is – it’s misguided, lacking in context, and only benefiting the person spewing it. They’re only allies to the ostracized if they can cut down or demean an enemy in the process.

Even if that enemy is on their own team, such as Joe Biden, the guy who was good enough to be the liberal left’s favorite ‘bro of the president’ like 20 minutes ago, but is now being tossed in a heap of rapists next to Weinstein and Batali.

In simpler times, fighting back against perpetrators of sexual assault and rape were as much of a no brainer as ordering a pizza. In areas of gray, we had enough sense to talk these things through with one another, or seek a confidante who could pass on a message. But somewhere between then and last week, being affectionate became the far left’s adopted synonym for rapist. Uncle Joe, the guy whom we’ve had video hug footage of for years, turned into a sexual deviant because rather than asking the guy to shorten up his hugs next time, we went to a podium and called a news conference, making real sexual assault victims wonder when their headline might be coming.

Of course, all of this is not only considered normal, but it’s the new moral high ground. Because if someone is offended, it’s like they’ve built an invisible fence around themselves where reason and discourse are no longer welcome. “I’m offended!” Ohh, ohh, stand down.

The late Christopher Hitchens once said “If someone tells me that I’ve hurt their feelings, I say, ‘I’m still waiting to hear what your point is.’

In this country, I’ve been told, ‘That’s offensive’ as if those two words constitute an argument or a comment. Not to me they don’t.”

And he’s exactly right. You’re offended – yeah? Okay now what. Is that a platform? No, it’s an acknowledgement that your conscience isn’t strong enough to stand for something, because you’re always standing for everything. Real victims don’t have the pleasure of make-believe offenses and imagined offenders. They know the difference.

Unlike real social justice warriors, the modern far left has no sense of what a real fight is like, or what’s required to win one. If you want to fight back against the evil right, or to dethrone the president, you won’t pull it off by angry-tweeting non-minorities. You’ll support the best candidates, you’ll encourage true tolerance – even when you disagree with it – and you’ll fight your ass off.

If not, you’ll be just another loser on Twitter when Trump gets reelected in November 2020.

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