The United States of Hypocrisy

The United States of Hypocrisy

“I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government, but I think the government should decide what women do with their bodies.” – Tomi Lahren

By the way, if starting this blog off unironically with a Tomi Lahren quote is a bridge too far for you to cross, you’re really not gonna like what I have to say next.

Ahh, but actually, she can. You can too.

The United States is a land of hypocrites, and nowhere are the stakes lower, the consequences more absent, than right here in our great nation. Ironically, that’s part of what makes America so great. We can say or think whatever we want, without any regard for whether it’s objectively true, or even aligned with what we proclaim to believe. Lahren, who was spot-on in her unusual moment of clarity, revealed herself as a hypocrite in the same breath — you can’t be a ‘by the book’ conservative when your ovaries are at stake, but rally for the suppression of free speech every time Colin Kaepernick’s name comes up, Tomi.

And that’s where our hypocrisy is rooted. The United States is a political battlefield that proves all you need in the absence of a point of view is a good enemy. There are no punishments severe enough to discourage us from dishonest discourse, so long as there’s someone else to blame or critique outside of ourselves.

It’s why a red-blooded Republican can call themselves pro-life and pro-small government while celebrating federal legislation to bring back the death penalty. It’s why a blue-blooded Democrat can fight for the expansion of rights and opportunities for American citizens while simultaneously fighting for open borders.

It’s no longer about right or wrong, or consistency in principles — it’s about what’s convenient, or the opposite of our professed enemy.

It’s why Donald Trump can sit atop an administration that has seen indictments, convictions or guilty pleas from 34 people while his supporters still scream “drain the swamp!”

It’s why we call for boycotts of Forever 21 because they put nutrition bars in their packages, but see no need to curb our consumption in a world that we proclaim is dying because of it. We say America has a health care crisis while we villainize anyone who dares call someone ‘fat’ or suggests maybe they shouldn’t be.

We’re hypocrites. All of us. It’s because we’d rather have an enemy than stand strong enough on a principle that at times will be difficult to defend. Our principles are rooted only as deeply as the wind. We wield our point of views as a weapon when it’s convenient, but we never bother to evaluate what we’re fighting for; only what we’re fighting against.

If there was no enemy or rival — real or imagined — what would you stand for?

Ehh. It doesn’t matter. And that’s the joy of the United State of Hypocrisy.

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