I’m just a guy. Better yet, I’m just a guy with a website. And I speak my mind as honestly – and (hopefully) intelligently – as possible.

I’ve always loved writing and have used www.iamdavidberry.com as a platform for my ever-evolving diatribe. Since 2006, the topics have ranged from dating and politics to my disdain for housewives. (Sue me.)

In December 2011, I quit my full-time job. Turns out, writing is more than my heart’s hobby. It’s what I believe I was put here to do.

I’ve never thought myself to be a tremendous writer; just a good one with a knack for making difficult ideas seem simple. It’s that part of my ability that I think will give me a prosperous future with words.

Thankfully, I’m on the right path. I’ve had the good fortune of finding good work; copywriting for an advertising/marketing agency, several small businesses, a magazine, and even a Fortune 500 corporation. But my greatest coup, if you will, and my greatest ambition at the moment, is what’s bringing me the most fulfillment (and – woo hoo – money!). Ghostwriting.

I work (mostly) with entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or know-how to write their own books. And I do it for them. I get to write; they get the credit. Some of my friends think its weird that I’d get so fired-up about work I’ll never get credit for. But in my heart, it’s a thrill – a privilege – to tell someone’s story. I’m part actor, part therapist, part writer, and 100 percent fulfilled. I truly love what I do. I wear gym clothes every day and dress-up my words, instead.

I envisioned what fulfillment would look like in my life and decided to chase it. And for me, this is it.

Beyond writing, I’m a NASM certified personal trainer, a five-year volunteer with Radio Lollipop at Miami Children’s Hospital, the co-host of Boxing During Dinner, a former stand-up comedian, and soon I’ll be leading an exciting venture called Giving Back Miami.

I’m doing what I love. Are you?

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