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Please contact me with feedback, input, or suggestions.  In addition, if you’d like to book me for a comedy show, get in touch with me!  I don’t put this information here for my health, but because I really do hope that you’ll give me your feedback.  Leave comments on the blog, tell me what you want to hear more of, or if you want me to shut up entirely…whatever!  Just say something, so I know that I’m not talking to a wall.

Not to mention that, if I’m going to get famous and make millions of dollars and sip drinks with umbrellas, I’ll need a lot of you to at least pretend you’re interested in what I say.

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. It ain’t always easy being single, but if we keep learning from each other’s experiences, we’re more likely to find happy and healthy relationships.

  2. Single female and I appreciate the right to bear arms to protect myself. If guns are banned/confiscated, criminals will still have their own guns. That means law abiding citizens will not be able to protect themselves.

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